How to Get Elite TM in Pokemon GO

To get Elite TMs, you need to join the GO Battle League and do your best

Handoyo Saputra | September 08, 2023

Elite TM

In the world of Pokemon GO, trainers often get puzzled by TMs (Technical Machines). TMs are like magic tools that can change the moves a Pokemon knows, helping trainers make their Pokemon stronger in battles.

There are two types of TMs: Fast TMs and Charged TMs. Fast TMs change the quick moves a Pokemon uses, while Charged TMs tweak the special moves.

Getting TMs isn't a piece of cake. Trainers get them by luck after tough Raids or PVP battles. But here's the tricky part - you can't pick the moves you want for your Pokemon. The game does it for you, and that can be frustrating.

Here comes the exciting part - Elite TMs. They're like super-special TMs that give you more control. There are two types: Elite Fast TMs and Elite Charged TMs.

Elite TMs let you unlock moves that are super rare, like the ones you get during Community Day events or the old moves that you can't normally find anymore.

Earning Elite TMs

To get Elite TMs, you need to join the GO Battle League and do your best. If you reach Rank 19 or higher at the end of a season, you'll get one as a reward. You can also buy Elite TMs in the in-game store during Community Day once a month.

With Elite TMs, you're in charge of making your Pokemon even stronger. Say goodbye to random moves and hello to your dream Pokemon moveset. So, get out there, become a GO Battle League champ, and level up your Pokemon with Elite TMs!

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