How to Get EX Raid Pass in Pokemon GO

Gaining access to an EX Raid Pass can be achieved through two distinct methods, each with its own allure

Handoyo Saputra | August 30, 2023

Pokemon GO EX Raid

In the realm of Pokemon GO, we've become familiar with various types of raids, ranging from Raid Tier 1 all the way up to Raid Tier 5, Mega Raids, Shadow Raids, Ultra Beast Raids, Primal Raids, and Elite Raids. However, there's another intriguing facet to raids in Pokemon GO that you might not be aware of.

Introducing the EX Raid, an exclusive tier that adds a layer of exclusivity and excitement to the raiding experience. What sets the EX Raid apart is the requirement of a special invitation known as the EX Raid Pass. As of the time of writing, three legendary Pokemon have taken the center stage in EX Raids: Mewtwo, Deoxys, and Regigigas.

Gaining access to an EX Raid Pass can be achieved through two distinct methods, each with its own allure. The first approach involves participating in a raid at a designated gym that is marked with the EX Raid label.

EX Raid Pokmon GO

Alternatively, you might receive an invitation from a friend who has an extra pass to spare. It's worth noting that gyms with the potential to host EX Raids can be easily identified by the "EX Raid" tag located in the upper right corner.

The key to unlocking an EX Raid Pass is winning any type of raid at one of the designated gyms. If luck is on your side, approximately a week after your triumphant raid, an invitation from Niantic will grace your inbox.

The EX Raid Pass itself bears a striking resemblance to the standard Raid Pass, but it boasts a distinctive black hue. Within the pass, you'll find crucial details about the location and timing of the upcoming EX Raid.

Here's the catch: if, for any reason, you're unable to attend the EX Raid despite receiving the coveted invitation, the EX Raid Pass will unfortunately expire, rendering it unusable. Niantic's intention is to create an atmosphere of anticipation and shared experiences.

Deoxys in Pokemon GO

Once you've successfully obtained an EX Raid Pass, you're granted the privilege of inviting one of your friends to join you in this exclusive endeavor. An important stipulation is that the friend you invite must be at least at the Ultra Friends level in your Pokemon GO journey.

The world of EX Raids brings an extra layer of challenge and prestige to the Pokemon GO experience. The exclusive nature of these raids, the thrill of receiving an invitation, and the opportunity to collaborate with a chosen friend create an engaging dynamic that keeps trainers immersed in the game.

So, whether you're aiming to capture legendary Pokemon or forge stronger bonds with fellow trainers, EX Raids offer a unique and exhilarating path to pursue in your Pokemon GO adventure.

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