How to Make a Lot of Money in Pokemon Scarlet Violet DLC

Tips for making lots of money easily in Pokemon Scarlet Violet by using Syrupy Apple

Handoyo Saputra | September 23, 2023


A Pokemon player has discovered an exploit in the newly released Scarlet & Violet DLC that allows for easy and fast money-making.

In the Teal Mask DLC, players can find a vendor in the Mossfell Confluence zone offering Syrupy Apples for 500 Pokedollars. This item is useful for evolving Applin into Dipplin.

What's intriguing is that these apples can be resold for 550 Pokedollars, resulting in a profit of 50 Pokedollars per apple. The real magic lies in the scalability of this exploit. By buying and reselling these apples, players can accumulate substantial wealth.

Syrupy Apple
Syrupy Apple

Dedicated players have already earned 49,950 Pokedollars by repeatedly selling 999 Syrupy Apples. While traditional Pokemon games usually provide ample resources, this exploit is exceptionally valuable in the current gaming landscape.

It allows players to bypass the laborious process of optimizing their Pokemon for competitive play by granting access to essential items.

However, this exploit may not last long, as developers typically patch such vulnerabilities. Therefore, players who wish to seize this opportunity should act promptly before the issue is resolved.

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