Instagram Announces Removal of Flipside Feature Starting May 2024

One of the primary concerns arising from this move pertains to the fate of content uploaded on Flipside accounts

Handoyo Saputra | April 25, 2024


Instagram disclosed its decision to discontinue the Flipside feature, effective May 24, 2024. Flipside, introduced as a trial feature in January 2024, allowed users to create secondary accounts accessible only to a select audience.

The Flipside feature, often hailed as an experimental tool to provide users with additional account versatility, will no longer be available for access after the specified date. Instagram's decision to sunset the feature stems from its apparent lack of traction among users.

What will happen to the uploaded content? Instagram has assured users that all content, including photos, videos, and stories, will be securely stored in the platform's archive section. However, access to this content will be restricted to the account holders unless they opt to share it with others.

Flipside is going away
Flipside is going away

Furthermore, to mitigate any potential inconvenience caused by the removal of Flipside, Instagram is offering users the option to download all their posts directly to their mobile devices until August 25, 2024.

While the removal of Flipside may disappoint some users who found value in its unique functionality, Instagram remains dedicated to providing a dynamic and engaging platform for its global community.

As the platform bids farewell to Flipside, users can look forward to future innovations and enhancements aimed at enriching their social media experience on Instagram.

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