JUMP Assemble: A MOBA Game with Anime Characters

DeNA, in collaboration with Shueisha, is set to unveil a MOBA game named JUMP Assemble

Handoyo Saputra | October 02, 2023

Jump Assemble

In the modern gaming landscape, MOBA games have risen to become one of the most beloved genres. Players of all ages, from kids to adults, are immersed in the world of Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs), especially due to the convenience of playing on their smartphones.

Typically, Multiplayer games within the action genre often feature intense 5 vs. 5 gameplay, demanding exceptional teamwork.

On the other hand, Shonen Jump is a weekly comic magazine, primarily catering to teenage boys and a male readership.

What if the captivating universe of MOBA games collided with the iconic characters from Shonen Jump?

This news brings sheer joy to anime enthusiasts, as it allows us to play games while witnessing our beloved Shonen Jump characters in action.

DeNA, in collaboration with Shueisha, is set to unveil a MOBA game named JUMP: Assemble, featuring Shonen Jump characters as its heroes. Characters from renowned anime series such as One Piece, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Bleach, Jujutsu Kaisen, Dragon Ball, and many more will grace this game.

At present, there are already 25 confirmed anime characters that can be played in this exciting game. Below is a list of characters and their roles in JUMP: Assemble:

Tanjiro Kamado (Fighter)Demon Slayer
Nezuko Kamado (Assassin/Fighter)Demon Slayer
Shinobu Kocho (Assassin/Mage)Demon Slayer
Inosuke Hashibira (Tank/Fighter)Demon Slayer
Naruto Uzumaki Kid (Fighter)Naruto
Naruto Uzumaki Teen (Fighter/Mage)Naruto
Minato Namikaze (Assassin)Naruto
Sasuke Uchiha (Assassin)Naruto
Gaara (Mage/Tank)Naruto
Son Goku (Fighter)Dragon Ball Z
Super Saiyan Son Goku (Fighter)Dragon Ball Z
Majin Buu (Tank/Support)Dragon Ball Z
Freeza (Ranger/Mage)Dragon Ball Z
Megumi Fushiguro (Mage/Fighter)Jujutsu Kaisen
Nobara Kugisaki (Ranger)Jujutsu Kaisen
Monkey D. Luffy (Fighter)One Piece
Monkey D. Luffy Gear 2 (Fighter)One Piece
Tony Tony Chopper (Support)One Piece
Boa Hancock (Mage/Fighter)One Piece
Usopp (Ranger)One Piece
Orihime Inoue (Support)Bleach
Uryu Ishida (Ranger)Bleach
Fuuko Izumo (Support)Undead Unluck
Andy (Tank)Undead Unluck
Lance Crown (Mage/Support)Mashle

JUMP: Assemble is currently in a closed beta testing phase, which officially commenced on September 26, 2023. Over 100,000 participants have eagerly joined this closed beta test.

Regrettably, an official release date for the game remains undisclosed. However, it is planned to be launched on iOS and Android platforms in 2024, targeting the Southeast Asian and East Asian markets, excluding Japan.

With JUMP: Assemble, players can immerse themselves in the exhilarating world of MOBA battles while embodying their favorite anime characters. Join the discussion in onepiece.fandom.com.

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