Live Action Pokemon Drama Set to Release on October 19, 2023

This live-action Pokémon drama will take viewers on a journey with a young woman in search of the meaning of adventure through the world of Pokémon

Handoyo Saputra | October 11, 2023

Pokemon Drama Live Action

The Pokémon world is gearing up for the release of a brand-new live-action series that's unlike anything we've seen before. This isn't your typical adventure involving cute monsters in the Pokémon universe; instead, this live-action Pokémon drama will take viewers on a journey with a young woman in search of the meaning of adventure through the world of Pokémon.

In this live-action Pokémon series, we are introduced to Madoka Akagi, a young woman who embarks on a career in an advertising agency with hopes of gaining more experience and transitioning into content creation. Like many of us, she quickly realizes the harsh reality of working for others, where we often have to sacrifice our bodies, minds, and souls to achieve financial success.

However, Madoka's life takes a surprising turn when she receives a package from her mother. Inside, she finds some of her childhood belongings, including a Game Boy and a copy of Pokémon Red. This nostalgic find transports Madoka back to her early memories of playing Pokémon. For Madoka, the game is filled with nostalgia.

First Trailer

The initial preview of this series indicates that most of the pivotal moments in Madoka's life and relationships will be unveiled through her experiences with Pokémon Red. In fact, there's a scene where Madoka engages in a battle with a character who strikingly resembles her boss.

The premiere episode of "Pack Your Pocket With Adventure" is scheduled to air in Japan on October 19. This series is sure to captivate Pokémon enthusiasts eager to follow Madoka's unique adventure.

However, this isn't the only Pokémon TV project in the works. Besides the new anime series featuring characters Liko and Roy, The Pokémon Company has also partnered with Netflix for a stop-motion series titled "Pokémon Concierge," set to debut in December.

"Pokémon Concierge" will narrate the story of a young woman named Haru who works at a resort alongside her Pokémon partner, Psyduck. Actress Rena Nōnen, the voice behind Haru, hopes that this series will provide a therapeutic experience for dedicated Pokémon fans.

Stars Behind the Scenes

Madoka Akagi
Madoka Akagi

Apart from the captivating storyline, "Pack Your Pocket With Adventure" also introduces several renowned stars who will bring the characters in the series to life. Some of them include:

  1. Nanase Nishino as Madoka Akagi.
  2. Kasamatsu Shou as Hiyama Kageaki, Madoka's colleague at the ADventure advertising agency.
  3. Hasegawa Tomoharu as Kogusuri Kazuchika, a member of the sales team at ADventure.
  4. Hirano Aya as Meguro Youko, a designer looking for love through dating apps.
  5. Sekoguchi Ryou as Koide Yuuki, the youngest employee at ADventure.
  6. Watanabe Towa as Karasawa Sora, the child of Masako and a Pokémon master who provides guidance to Madoka.
  7. Tsukaji Muga as Yadoya Kouichi, the president of ADventure.
  8. Uchida Rio as Midori (Green), Madoka's childhood rival, now working at another agency called Wonder Create.
  9. Satou Eriko as Masako, the manager of the Rouge cafe where Madoka takes a break and plays Pokémon.
  10. Yanagiba Toshiro, the voice of Okidou (a spoof of Professor Oak), the narrator guiding the protagonist on her journey.

With a talented cast and an engaging storyline, "Pack Your Pocket With Adventure" seems poised to become one of the most highly anticipated Pokémon series among devoted fans. So, don't miss the premiere episode coming soon!


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