Manhwa Solo Leveling Set to Receive Korean Live Action Adaptation

The story unfolds in a world where mystical gates have emerged, connecting the realm of menacing monsters with that of humanity

Handoyo Saputra | October 11, 2023

Solo Leveling

The world of manhwa is buzzing with excitement as one of the most popular titles in recent years, "Solo Leveling," is confirmed to be getting a Korean live action adaptation. The news comes as the cherry on top for the growing fan base of the series.

"Solo Leveling," originally known as "나 혼자만 레벨업/ Na Honjaman Rebereop, har," is a manhwa series created by Chu-Gong, with stunning illustrations by Dubu (REDICE Studio). The story, which has taken the manhwa world by storm, was first serialized online as a web novel before finding its way into print through D&C Media.

The manhwa's popularity has extended far beyond South Korea, with a substantial following in Japan. In fact, it caught the attention of KADOKAWA, a renowned Japanese publishing company, which published a Japanese version under the title "俺だけレベルアップな件" or "Ore Dake Reberuappu-na Kudan" (Only I Level Up).

Anime and Live Action Adaptation

This exciting news of a live action adaptation comes on the heels of another highly anticipated development: an anime series set to release in 2024. Fans can already catch a glimpse of what's in store for the anime adaptation in the recently released trailer.

The manhwa's growing popularity and cross-cultural appeal have prompted the Creative Director of D&C Webtoon, Heaeun Kwak, to confirm that preparations are in motion for a Korean live action adaptation.

Kwak made this thrilling announcement during an interview with the French news site L'Internaute. While the news is undoubtedly thrilling for fans, as of now, further details about the live action version remain under wraps.

Synopsis of Solo Leveling

For those not yet familiar with "Solo Leveling," the story unfolds in a world where mystical gates have emerged, connecting the realm of menacing monsters with that of humanity. Humans gifted with magical abilities take on the role of hunters, entering these dimensional gates in pursuit of these formidable creatures.

When a group of hunters successfully clears a dungeon within one of these gates, they are rewarded with valuable items that can be used as currency in the real world. The protagonist, Sung Jin-woo, is known as the weakest hunter in the world. Despite his reputation, he continues to participate in dungeon raids as a means to cover his mother's mounting hospital bills.

During a particularly perilous double dungeon raid, Jin-woo makes a selfless sacrifice to ensure the safety of his fellow hunters. In the process, he stumbles upon a hidden mission, ultimately transforming into a "player." This newfound status grants him special powers, allowing him to complete missions and level up independently within a game-like system.

Fans of "Solo Leveling" are eagerly awaiting the upcoming anime adaptation, and now, with the prospect of a live action version on the horizon, the excitement has reached new heights. Stay tuned for further updates on this thrilling development in the world of manhwa and entertainment.


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