My Happy Marriage Anime Confirmed to Have Second Season

This anime tells the story of a girl born into a prestigious family without supernatural powers, which makes her an outcast

Handoyo Saputra | September 22, 2023

My Happy Marriage Season 2
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If you were to ask which anime series was good in the last season, one of the answers would be My Happy Marriage. My Happy Marriage, also known as Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon, is an anime series produced by Kinema Citrus Studio with 12 episodes.

As the title suggests, My Happy Marriage falls into the genres of Drama, Fantasy, and Romance, and it premiered on July 5, 2023.

Despite being relatively new, My Happy Marriage anime has already received a score of 8.1 from 45,950 users on My Anime List.

Synopsis of My Happy Marriage

This anime narrates the life of a girl named Miyo, born into a prestigious family but without any supernatural abilities, which leads to her being ostracized by her family.

Miyo's tough life takes a turn when her step-sister is born into the world. Unlike her, Miyo's step-sister, Kaya, possesses supernatural powers. As a result, her parents pay more attention to and love Kaya more than Miyo.

For years, Miyo endures the mistreatment of her family but chooses to be patient and resigned. She loses hope for her future.

My Happy Marriage
My Happy Marriage

Unbeknownst to her, she reaches the age of arranged marriage, and her family decides to marry her off to Kiyoka Kudou, the head of the respected "Kudou" family and a nobleman. He is known as an emotionless man who has dismissed all his previous fiancées.

Thinking her life will get worse, Miyo reluctantly goes to her new home. To her surprise, she is welcomed warmly and kindly by Kiyoka's family members.

Contrary to her assumptions, Kiyoka shows kindness and love that Miyo has longed for all these years. This is where Miyo's life begins to change into a happy married life, the life she had always dreamt of.

My Happy Marriage Season 2

After the first season of this anime concluded, there is exciting news that My Happy Marriage will receive a second anime season.

This news has been officially confirmed by the My Happy Marriage website. Unfortunately, there is no release date information available at this time. Curious about what the second season will be like? Let's await further information.


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