One Piece 1089: The Giant Hole Resembling Enies Lobby

The giant hole bears a resemblance to Enies Lobby, the area under the World Government's control and directly connected to Impel Down

Handoyo Saputra | August 04, 2023

One Piece 1089

The latest chapter of Komik One Piece, titled "Under Siege," has been released. This chapter delves into the aftermath of the dreadful events in the kingdom of Lulusia and the situation of the Straw Hat crew on Egghead Island.

The chapter begins with the news of Garp's disappearance on a pirate island. The story takes us to a small village in East Blue called Foosha Village, where both Luffy and Garp hail from.

Despite Garp being a legendary figure, the villagers of Foosha are deeply worried about his well-being. Dadan breaks down in tears as she reads the newspaper reporting about Luffy and Garp.

Additionally, the baby, Makino, begins to recognize Luffy's face from the pictures in the newspaper since he often appears in the news. Many believe that Makino is Shanks' child, as Shanks used to frequent the bar and had a close relationship with her.

The Giant Hole in the Middle of the Sea

The story shifts to another location where a massive earthquake, causing a devastating tsunami, strikes the oceans of East Blue, South Blue, West Blue, and North Blue.

This earthquake is the largest in history, causing widespread destruction everywhere. However, the source of this earthquake remains unknown to the public.

In truth, this natural disaster was the result of a mass destruction weapon tested six days ago by the orders of Imu-sama to destroy the kingdom of Lulusia. The attack resulted in the formation of a giant hole shaped like a circular waterfall in the middle of the sea.

The World Government dispatches its agents to investigate the location to ensure no traces of Lulusia remain. The attack also triggered massive earthquakes, raising the sea level worldwide by about 1 meter.

Enies Lobby
One Piece 1089: The Giant Hole Resembling Enies Lobby

The giant hole bears a resemblance to Enies Lobby, the area under the World Government's control and directly connected to Impel Down. Could this explain the origin of the massive waterfall in Enies Lobby?

If this is true, it implies that the World Government once used this attack in the past to annihilate a certain island. Which island could it have been? Is it possible that God Valley disappeared from the world map due to this mass destruction weapon?

Tragedy on Egghead Island

The story shifts to Egghead Island, where hundreds of warships and 30,000 marines, led by Admiral Kizaru and 9 vice-admirals, have surrounded the island and are prepared to execute a Buster Call at any moment.

Sentomaru, along with the Pacifista forces and sea monster robots, is tasked with intercepting the Navy to prevent them from approaching Egghead Island.

The Pacifista possesses a powerful laser attack, a result of Dr. Vegapunk's research based on Kizaru's abilities. Sentomaru still cannot believe that Kizaru has come to the island to kill Vegapunk.

However, Kizaru reveals that no one can protect Vegapunk, as he chose to research the Void Century on his own. The World Government strictly prohibits anyone from digging into information about the Void Century.

Previously, Void Century research was conducted by scientists on Ohara, Nico Robin's hometown, which resulted in the destruction of the island due to a Buster Call attack.

Conspiracies on Egghead Island

Inside a warship, one of the Gorosei, Jay Garcia Saturn, is inquiring about the current situation on Egghead Island. Although the marines have not received any information from CP0, they deduce from Sentomaru's resistance that the mission to assassinate Vegapunk has failed.

Vegapunk is now protected by four Seraphim and has formed an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates and Jewelry Bonney. In addition, three members of Cipher Pol Aigis 0, Rob Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy, have joined the temporary alliance.

Jay Garcia orders the marines to sink the research ship that has been evacuated, fearing that the truth about Dr. Vegapunk's assassination will be revealed to the public.

Confrontation with the World Government

A transmission is detected by the Navy. Apparently, it is a call from one of Vegapunk's satellite, York, to the Gorosei in Mary Geoise. Kizaru, using his black denden mushi, also overhears their conversation.

York protests the World Government's attempt to kill him, despite having reported Vegapunk's betrayal for researching the forbidden Void Century.

The Gorosei asks about the situation on Egghead Island and the status of the Straw Hat crew and CP0 agents. However, York refuses to answer and challenges the Gorosei to figure it out themselves.

The Gorosei makes a special request to York to create a replica of the Mother Flame. As explained in the previous chapter, the Mother Flame is the energy source to activate the mass destruction weapon that destroyed the kingdom of Lulusia.

This ancient weapon, believed to be one of the Ancient Weapons, Uranus, cannot be used multiple times due to the enormous energy required to operate it.

As a condition, York requests the World Government not to destroy his laboratory and make him a Tenryuubito (World Noble). Additionally, he has one more demand.

He asks to be rescued from the Straw Hat crew who intend to kill him. Hearing this, both Gorosei and Kizaru are shocked. This means that the Straw Hat crew and Vegapunk have captured York and are aware of the truth.

York is chaptured

In the final panel, York is seen in shackles, forced to make a call to the Gorosei. The Straw Hat crew, Jewelry Bonney, Vegapunk, and Rob Lucci are also present in the same room.

This implies that they have successfully defeated the Seraphim assigned to kill him. But can they escape the encirclement of the Navy that has besieged the island? join the discussion on

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