One Piece Chapter 1092 Review: Why Did Iron Giant Awaken?

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Handoyo Saputra | September 16, 2023

Luffy hold Kizaru

One Piece Chapter 1092, titled "The Rampage Incident of Tyrant Kuma in the Holy Land," has been released. In this chapter, we follow the story of Kuma rampaging in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise and Luffy's battle against Kizaru on Egghead Island.

The chapter begins with Kuma successfully climbing the Red Line and reaching Mary Geoise. Kuma is seen heading towards a location that is still unknown to us, and to reach that location, he must cross the Red Line.

The Mary Geoise warriors cannot hold Kuma back. With just one Ursus Shock attack, all the warriors are thrown aside. Kuma's attempt to pass through Marijoa is not as easy as he thought, as he has to face Fleet Admiral Akainu who has confronted him.

The enraged Tenryuubito order Akainu to execute Kuma. It's important to note that Kuma is supposed to have no consciousness left; he can only obey all the Tenryuubito's orders as a slave. However, this time, Kuma ignores both the Tenryuubito and Akainu's orders. What is really happening with Kuma? And where does he want to go?

Akainu vs. Kuma

Akainu VS Kuma
Akainu VS Kuma

Akainu unable to control Kuma, finally attacks him with a Hell Hound attack, injuring Kuma's leg and part of his face. Using the power of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, Kuma manages to escape from Akainu by teleporting himself, similar to how he teleported the Straw Hat crew on Sabaody.

As we learned in the previous chapter, Kuma's consciousness is not actually erased. His memories are stored in a special room on Egghead Island. By utilizing the Devil Fruit power of Kuma, he transferred his memories before being turned into a Pacifista.

Kuma's Memory
Kuma's Memory

Perhaps Vegapunk has made some sort of agreement with Kuma to restore his consciousness when the time is right. If this theory is correct, then Kuma is currently heading to Egghead Island to retrieve his memories in order to protect his daughter, Jewelry Bonney from danger.

Kizaru Breaks into Egghead

The story shifts to Egghead Island. The meca sea monster has been defeated by the Pacifista, and the Marines have successfully breached Egghead Island. Inside the island, Luffy is in a battle against Kizaru. Kizaru acknowledges that Luffy has become stronger, but he is still puzzled about why a pirate like Luffy would want to protect Vegapunk.

Kizaru kicking Luffy and destroy Vegaforce-01
Kizaru kicking Luffy and destroy Vegaforce-01

Luffy turns the question back to Kizaru, asking why the Marines want to kill Vegapunk. "Kill him? Of course, I don't want to kill him. I've known Vegapunk for a long time," replies Kizaru as he launches a powerful kick that sends Luffy crashing into the Vegaforce-01 robot, destroying it.

Afterward, Kizaru confronts Bonney. Kizaru has known Bonney since she was a child, as she is the daughter of Kuma, the former ruler of the Sorbet Kingdom. This also explains how Bonney managed to escape the watchful eyes of the Marijoa warriors when she manipulated her age to appear as an old woman during the Reverie. Bonney bears a striking resemblance to the Sorbet royal family.

Kizaru easily defeats Bonney, kicking her toward the protective dome of Egghead. Kizaru rushes toward Vegapunk's room. Inside the room, Vegapunk has successfully cracked the encryption code to unlock the dome's protection. However, it seems to be too late because Kizaru has already entered Vegapunk's room.

As everyone is shocked by Kizaru's appearance, Luffy enters Gear 5 mode, transforming into a giant, and grabs Kizaru from behind. Luffy, who was previously thrown and hit the protective dome, manages to return just in time before Kizaru can kill Vegapunk.

Luffy holding Kizaru
Luffy holding Kizaru

At the same time, the giant robot that was dormant on Egghead suddenly awakens. The cause is unknown. Many fans speculate that the robot awakened due to the influence of Luffy's awakening power. However, it's important to note that when Luffy fought against Rob Lucci, he also used Gear 5, but the robot didn't awaken.

So, what caused the robot to awaken mysteriously? Here's KaptenTekno's theory:

What Is the Iron Giant?

Before discussing this theory, let's recall what is known about this giant robot. It is named Iron Giant and attacked Mary Geoise 200 years ago. The robot was created 900 years ago during the Void Century. It is currently inactive due to running out of energy and is stored on Egghead Island.

The World Government ordered scientists to destroy this robot. However, out of curiosity, the scientists studied the robot and didn't destroy it. Iron Giant also served as the inspiration for the creation of the Vegaforce-01 robot, but Vegapunk couldn't replicate the energy source of Iron Giant.

In One Piece, each robot typically has a purpose and is created to mimic something. For example, the Pacifista is made to mimic Kuma and has mission to defeat pirates. The Meca Sea Beast is made to mimic the Sea King to guards Egghead Island. So, what is Iron Giant's purpose, and what is it based on?

Iron Giant looks like Oars
Iron Giant looks like Oars

Judging by its appearance, Iron Giant seems to be based on Oars, the giant zombie stored by Gecko Moria on Thriller Bark. Oars is known as a continent puller, suggesting that Iron Giant may have been created to control the seas. The presence of the Red Line, which divides the seas into two, might have been seen as a problem that Iron Giant was designed to eliminate.

If this theory is correct, then the reason Iron Giant attacked Mary Geoise 200 years ago was because Mary Geoise was built on the Red Line and needed to be destroyed. So why did Iron Giant awaken again now? Where did it get its energy?

The Reason Iron Giant Awakened

Luffy, who was previously thrown and hit the protective dome with his body, may have brought the energy needed to awaken Iron Giant. As we already know, when a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit user reaches the awakening stage, they can influence their surroundings.

During Luffy's battle against Kaido, we saw the ground around Luffy transform into rubber. However, it's important to remember that Luffy's true power comes from the Hito Hito no Mi type Sun God Nika. Do you recall the mass destruction weapon used by Imu Sama to destroy Lulusia Kingdom?

The weapon, believed to be the Ancient Weapon Uranus, is powered by an energy they call Mother Flame. Sun God Nika and Mother Flame are both related to fire.

When Luffy used Gear 5 to fight Rob Lucci, he didn't transform into a giant. Luffy only transformed into a giant on Egghead Island when he grabbed Kizaru, likely because his body became larger, and the effects of his awakening extended further, reaching Iron Giant. This caused Iron Giant to gain energy and awaken.

Of course, this is just a theory and could be incorrect. What do you think of this theory? Let's await the official explanation in the upcoming chapters of One Piece.

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