One Piece Chapter 1093 Review: Gear 5 VS Admiral

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Handoyo Saputra | September 23, 2023

Luffy VS Kizaru

In the latest release of One Piece, Chapter 1093, titled "Luffy VS Kizaru," the stage is set for an intense battle on Egghead Island between the Yonkou Mugiwara and the formidable Admiral Kizaru. As we dive into this action-packed chapter, we'll explore the highlights and key moments.

The chapter kicks off with Luffy, now in his monstrous Gear 5 form, tightly gripping Kizaru and hurling him into the sea with tremendous force. This decisive move by Luffy creates a crucial opportunity for Vegapunk and his crew to make their escape from the dome.

Meanwhile, Atlas, one of Vegapunk's satellites, devises another plan. He intends to go down and issue orders to the Pacifista units. Currently under Kizaru's command, these Pacifistas are tasked with attacking the sea monster robots and protecting the Marines. However, as one of Vegapunk's satellite , Atlas wields higher authority to command the Pacifistas.

Jewelry Bonney and Sentomaru

Further down in Fabrio-Stratum, Bonney is seen utilizing her powers to manipulate the age of Marines attempting to capture her. This indicates that Bonney is in the vicinity.

Additionally, Sentomaru lies injured on the ground, he saved Bonney when she fell from the dome's heights. Sentomaru seems to regard Bonney as a friend and urges her to leave Egghead Island promptly, as the Marines are closing in.

Zoro's Battle Against Rob Lucci

At the top of the dome, Zoro is engaged in a fierce battle against Rob Lucci, who has entered his awakening mode. Luffy, aware of this, offers assistance to Zoro, but Zoro declines his captain's help, insisting that Luffy should focus on confronting Kizaru.

Zoro VS Rob Lucci
Zoro VS Awakening Rob Lucci

Despite Rob Lucci's use of awakening mode, Zoro appears to be handling the situation with ease. This highlights Zoro's extraordinary strength as one of the Worst Generation, placing him on par with the most formidable Cipher Pol agents.

Luffy VS Kizaru

Shadow Kizaru VS Luffy
Shadow Kizaru VS Luffy

We shift our focus back to Kizaru, who is on the brink of falling into the sea due to Luffy's powerful throw. Kizaru employs his Pika Pika no Mi powers to return to the dome and multiply himself to attack Luffy.

When all the shadow of Kizaru align in a single row, Luffy utilizes his formidable kick to defeat them all. However, it becomes evident that Kizaru's true body is not among these shadow. His real body is inside the dome, actively searching for Vegapunk's whereabouts.

Vegapunk, Atlas, and Sanji are aboard a tank-like vehicle, descending to rescue Jewelry Bonney. Witnessing Vegapunk's descent into Fabrio-Stratum, Kizaru attempts to attack him.

But Luffy intervenes, using his body to block Kizaru's laser attack. The laser scorches Luffy's eye, causing intense discomfort. Vegapunk commands Lilith to deploy General Franky to extract the Thousand Sunny from the island.

From a distance, Atlas shouts orders to all the Pacifistas, instructing them to alter their mission. Their new objective is to eliminate all Marines present on the island. Will this decision change the course of events? We'll have to wait two more weeks for the continuation of this gripping saga.

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