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Handoyo Saputra | October 13, 2023

Figarland Garling God Valley

The latest installment of the renowned manga series, One Piece, brings us Chapter 1095, entitled "A world Not Worth Living In." This chapter delves into Kuma's backstory, shedding light on his earlier years.

The chapter opens with the Marines fleeing Egghead Island due to orders from Saint Saturn. Only Captains and Rear Admirals are allowed to remain on the island. For the Marines, the Gorosei, or Five Elders, represent the highest authority in the world, surpassing even the admirals. Saint Saturn intentionally accepts an attack from Jewelry Bonney to capture her.

Saturn's gaze exerts immense pressure on those around him, rendering them immobile. When Saturn removes the sword embedded in his chest by Bonney, the wound miraculously vanishes. Is this the result of his Devil Fruit power, or is it thanks to the Ope-Ope no Mi's immortality surgery?

Saturn's Wound Vanishes
Saturn's Wound Vanishes

Kizaru Unable to Fight

Kizaru, lying incapacitated on the ground from Luffy's devastating blow, struggles to rise. Despite being a Logia-type Devil Fruit user, Luffy's Haki-infused attacks have found their mark on Kizaru's true body. Saint Saturn attempts to strike Luffy, who is also grounded.

Luffy appears visibly aged, a consequence of using Gear 5. Fortunately, Franky intervenes with his Strong Right to save Luffy. The presence of Luffy and Bonney on Egghead Island catches the Gorosei off guard.

Despite Vegapunk's betrayal of the World Government, Saint Saturn expresses gratitude for Vegapunk's significant contributions to military technology. However, Vegapunk's involvement in forbidden research on the Void Century is a stain on his record. Saturn also touches upon Kuma, revealing that Kuma was born into slavery.

A Flashback to Kuma's Origins

Kuma hails from a tribe that committed grave crimes, and he's the sole survivor of the Buccaneer lineage's destruction. As a child, Kuma aspired to be a hero, bringing freedom to those suffering, akin to the Freedom Warriors of Nika. Kuma was well-versed in Nika's story and admired the legendary warrior.

47 years ago in the Sorbet Kingdom, South Blue, Kuma was born in a hospital. Kuma's father, a member of the Buccaneer tribe, was pursued by the World Government. Fortunately, the doctor who assisted in Kuma's birth agreed to keep Kuma's father's identity secret.

Unfortunately, the World Government had spies in the hospital who reported Kuma's and his father's presence. Consequently, Kuma and his father were captured to serve the Tenryuubito as slaves. Despite being a child, Kuma possessed immense physical strength.

Kuma as Slave
Kuma as Slave

Every day, Kuma and his father endured the cruel treatment of the Tenryuubito. However, when his father inquired, Kuma always pretended to be content, stating that their master was kind. Kuma didn't want to worry his father.

Kuma's mother die
Kuma's mother die

Tragically, Kuma's mother passed away during this time, leaving him devastated. His father, however, continued to inspire him, speaking of the Sun God, Nika, who would someday free them all.

Nika was a legendary warrior's name passed down through generations of the Buccanear tribe. It was believed that Nika would bring freedom to all, and Nika was always depicted as laughing.

As Kuma's father danced and sang, mimicking Nika, the Tenryuubito heard them. Due to the noise, one of the Tenryuubito shot and killed Kuma's father.

Population Eradication Tournament

The story then shifts to 38 years ago in West Blue. Every three years, the Tenryuubito held the Population Eradication Tournament. This particular tournament was to be held in God Valley, a nation unaffiliated with the World Government.

The Tenryuubito claimed God Valley as the World Government's property and used it to hunt the local. The God Valley king opposed this, but Saint Figarland Garling, a God's Knight, now known as the "Champion of God Valley," killed the king.

Figarland Garling, when he was young, bore a striking resemblance to Akagami Shanks. In the One Piece film Red, it is indeed suggested that Shanks is part of the Figarland family. This is further reinforced by the fact that a young Shanks was found in a treasure chest by Gol D. Roger.

Young Garling looks like Shanks
Young Garling looks like Shanks

Due to Garling's killing of the God Valley king, he got minus 10,000 points in this tournament. In addition to hunting the local population, this year's tournament was also enlivened by the pursuit of problematic slaves.

A Meeting with Ivankov

One of the slaves was a young Kuma. Kuma, who attempted to escape from this slaughter tournament, met another slave, Emporio Ivankov, and his little sibling, Jinny.

Ivankov learned that Kuma was marked as the target of the hunt. He also knew that Kuma was a descendant of the Buccaneer lineage with Giant Tribe blood. Jinny was described as a girl who loved to eat.

Her face resembled Jewelry Bonney's when she was still young. It's not surprising that fans assume Kuma married Jinny and had a child with Jewelry Bonney.

The God Valley Tragedy

Rocks Pirate
Rocks Pirate

At present, the nation of God Valley no longer exists on the world map. According to Garp's story, there was once a tremendous battle between the Marines and the Rock Pirates, led by Rocks, which included Kaido, Big Mom, Shirohige, and took place in God Valley.

Garp earned the title of a hero for his victory against the Rock Pirates. However, this victory was not his alone; Garp collaborated with Gol D. Roger to overcome these formidable adversaries.

In this Kuma flashback, it seems like the mystery surrounding the tragedy of God Valley, which has remained unsolved for so long, may be explained. What really happened to Kuma? Stay tuned for the next installment in two weeks.

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