One Piece Chapter 1097 Review: Kuma and The Revolutionary Army

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Handoyo Saputra | November 03, 2023

Revolutionary Army

The One Piece manga chapter 1097, titled "Ginny," has been released. This chapter delves into the past of Kuma and Ginny in the Sorbet Kingdom, leading up to their joining the Revolutionary Army.

The chapter begins 30 years ago when Kuma was 17 years old, eight years after the God Valley tragedy. Kuma becomes a beloved pastor in the town, especially by the elderly, who come to the Kuma Church every week seeking treatment for their ailments.

However, they are too poor to afford the medical expenses. At that time, Ginny, aged 21, is a beautiful woman admired by the men in the town.

Sorbet Kingdom is ruled by King Bekori, a cruel ruler who obeys the orders of the Tenryuubito. King Bekori imposes heavy taxes on the people of Sorbet to pay tribute to the Tenryuubito.

The Power to Transfer Pain

Kuma possesses the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi Devil Fruit, which allows him to transfer objects, including pain. However, this pain cannot be eliminated; if left untreated, it will return to its original owner.

To prevent this, Kuma sacrifices himself to absorb the accumulated pain from the townspeople. This act leaves his body severely injured, and the townspeople are unaware of this sacrifice.

The scene of Kuma accepting the pain from the people of Sorbet is reminiscent of Zoro's experience when he absorbed Luffy's pain in Thriller Bark after their battle against Gecko Moria. Zoro managed to remain standing even after enduring all of Luffy's pain.

Kuma and Zoro receive pain
Kuma and Zoro receive pain

Meanwhile, after receiving the pain from the elderly in the Sorbet Kingdom, Kuma collapses on the floor. It appears that Zoro has a stronger constitution compared to Kuma, who is a descendant of the Buccaneer tribe.

Ginny Proposes to Kuma

The story shifts to 25 years ago when Kuma is 22 years old, and Ginny is 26. They are old enough to get married, but Kuma refuses Ginny's proposal, fearing that the events of the past will repeat themselves.

Kuma, as a descendant of the Buccaneer tribe, is a target of the World Government. If he were ever captured, his entire family would become slaves of the Tenryuubito, just like his parents in the past.

Kuma is reading the news in a newspaper and sees a picture of Monkey D. Dragon, the leader of the freedom fighter group. This group is the precursor to the famous Revolutionary Army known worldwide.

Incident in Sorbet Kingdom

The story continues 22 years ago when Kuma is 25. The Sorbet Kingdom enforces a new policy that deems the people from the southern regions as slaves.

The southern residents, including Kuma and the poor elderly, are subjected to abduction and enslavement by the northern residents. This infuriates Kuma, and he rebels against the Sorbet Kingdom, fighting against the kingdom's forces and ending up in prison.

Not only Kuma but also Ginny and her friends from the southern region protest to free Kuma, and they, too, are imprisoned. This new policy is actually an order from the Tenryuubito, where those who cannot pay tribute are turned into slaves.

Arrival of Monkey D. Dragon

While Kuma is in prison, the freedom fighters led by Monkey D. Dragon arrive in the Sorbet Kingdom to overthrow the government. Ivankov joins the freedom fighters to liberate people from slavery.

Kuma and Ginny eventually join this group, traveling to different kingdoms to free their oppressed citizens. This group grows and names itself the Revolutionary Army.

Dragon teaches the people how to use weapons to stand up against oppressive rulers. Prior to this, Dragon was once a member of the Marines but found no justice there, leading him to leave the Marines and establish the freedom fighter group.

Ginny, Captain of the Eastern Revolutionary Army

Ginny mirip dengan Lilith

The story shifts to 14 years ago. Ginny's current appearance is similar to one of Vegapunk's satellite no. 2, Lilith. Ginny is seen sitting on a chest with the number 2 written on it. Apart from the similar character designs, their personalities are also almost the same.

Ginny had become the captain of the revolutionary army in the eastern region. She was assigned to a different area from Kuma. 1 day before Ginny was reunited with Kuma, a tragedy occurred.

Dragon receives a report that Ginny has been captured by the enemy. It seems that the World Government or the Marines have attacked the Revolutionary Army in the eastern region and captured Ginny. What has truly happened to Ginny? Watch for the continuation of the story in One Piece chapter 1098 next week.

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