One Piece Chapter 1098 Review: Bonney's Real Age

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Handoyo Saputra | November 12, 2023

Jewelry bonney

Chapter 1098 of One Piece, titled "Bonney's Birth," has been released. This chapter delves into Bonney's childhood, how she got the name Jewelry, and her connection to Kuma.

Two years after Ginny was kidnapped and forced to marry a Tenryuubito, she managed to escape from Marijoa and contacted the Revolutionary Army through a den den mushi. The Tenryuubito no longer wanted Ginny because she was suffering from an illness.

This illness prevented her from being in sunlight or moonlight. Exposure to natural light would cause her body to turn blue and harden like stone. Ginny forced herself to return to her hometown in the Sorbet Kingdom.

As a result, her condition worsened, leading to her demise. Before taking her last breath, she expressed her love for Kuma, but Kuma couldn't hear her final words because he had already used his Devil Fruit powers to teleport to the Sorbet Kingdom.

Bonney's Birth

Ginny expended her remaining strength to cross the ocean so that her baby could live safely. The child was named Bonney, and despite not being Kuma's biological child, he cared for her wholeheartedly.

The identity of Bonney's biological father, a Tenryuubito, is still unknown. However, the fact that Bonney has Tenryuubito blood explains many mysteries.

Bonney was once captured by Akainu, but strangely, he didn't attack or kill her. She managed to escape from the Marines, infiltrate Marijoa to save Kuma, but ended up failing and being trapped in a whirlpool before being found by the Straw Hat crew.

Bonney in kid form
Bonney in kid form

Still 12 Years Old

Ginny was kidnapped 14 years ago, and two years later, Bonney was born. This means that Bonney is currently 12 years old, making her the youngest member of the Worst Generation with a bounty of 320 million Berries after the timeskip.

Bonney's Devil Fruit power allows her to manipulate the age of objects, including herself and those around her. Despite her adult appearance, her actual age is 12.

Perhaps that's why when she was trapped in the whirlpool, Bonney appeared like a child because seawater can nullify her Devil Fruit power. This version of Bonney was also shown during the incident at Sabaody when she thwarted Zoro's attempt to attack a Tenryuubito.

Bonney and Zoro in Sabaody
Bonney and Zoro in Sabaody

Saphire Scale Disease

Young Bonney shows symptoms of the same disease as Ginny, with gemstone-like spots under her right eye. Sorbet Kingdom doctors couldn't cure her.

To care for Bonney, Kuma decided to leave the Revolutionary Army. Kuma forbade Bonney from leaving the church to avoid sunlight. Children at the church mocked her due to her fear of sunlight.

But Kuma comforted Bonney by saying they were only jealous because she had a beautiful gem. This made little Bonney happy, leading to her adopting the name Jewelry Bonney.

Bonney's Remaining Life

A doctor revealed that Bonney has a disease called Saphire Scale, where her body would turn into rapidly growing blue stones when exposed to sunlight or moonlight. The doctor estimated Bonney had only five years left.

Bonney overheard this conversation but misunderstood it. She thought that after turning 10, she would be cured and could adventure to Sky Island and Fish-Man Island. Kuma, not wanting to see Bonney sad, reluctantly went along with the misconception.

In this chapter, it is not explained how Bonney can recover from her illness. However, there are some speculations that might provide answers to this question.

1. Transferring Bonney's Disease with the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi Power

Kuma has the ability to transfer the pain of others, as demonstrated when he did so for the elderly in his village. However, he must bear the pain himself if he doesn't want it to return to its original owner.

If Kuma can transfer Bonney's disease to someone else or to himself, then Bonney may survive. However, as of now, there's no confirmation whether the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi power can transfer diseases.

2. Help from Vegapunk

Dragon has connections with the world's greatest scientist, Dr. Vegapunk. Dragon could potentially seek Vegapunk's help to cure Bonney's disease. In exchange, Kuma would have to agree to become a Shichibukai and be a subject for Pacifista development.

3. Power of the Toshi Toshi no Mi

Bonney consumed the Toshi Toshi no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to manipulate the age of all objects, including herself. Perhaps this Devil Fruit can manipulate the Saphire Scale disease in her body.

A similar situation occurred with Trafalgar Law when he suffered from Amber Lead Syndrome. At that time, no doctor could cure him, but Corazon gave him the Ope Ope no Mi, which could heal the disease.

The Ope Ope no Mi might also have the ability to cure the Saphire Scale disease. To find out the real answer, let's wait for the next chapter in two weeks.

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