One Piece Chapter 1099 Review: The Origin of Pacifista

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Handoyo Saputra | November 26, 2023

Kuma Pacifista

Chapter 1099 of One Piece titled "Pacifist" has been released. This chapter delves into the relationship between Kuma and Dr. Vegapunk and the origins of the Pacifista.

King Becori, who served as the Sorbet Kingdom's Sorbet King at that time, decided to burn the southern region of the Sorbet Kingdom. He was inspired by the Eastern region to burn the area containing poor citizens. The mentioned Eastern region might refer to the Goa Kingdom, the birthplace of Sabo.

Kuma, unhappy with this policy, went on a rampage and single-handedly destroyed the royal palace. He managed to defeat all of the kingdom's forces and took over the throne as the Sorbet King. Naturally, this was well-received by the people as they also did not favor King Becori.

Even though Kuma became the Sorbet King, Bulldog, the previous Sorbet King, continued to govern. Kuma stayed in his old church to take care of Bonney. When Kuma returned, he saw an adult woman running inside the church. The woman resembled Ginny, who had already passed away.

Toshi Toshi no Mi

Bonney Toshi Toshi no Mi
Bonney Toshi Toshi no Mi

It turns out that the woman is Bonney, who had eaten a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit called Toshi Toshi no Mi. It wasn't explained where Bonney got this Devil Fruit. With the Toshi Toshi no Mi, Bonney can manipulate her age to look like an adult woman resembling her mother, Ginny.

Bonney also encountered Bulldog, who served as a royal advisor. Bonney learned to change her appearance to resemble Bulldog's mother, Conney. This appearance was once used by her to sneak into Marijoa.

King Becori, still supported by the World Government, spread fake news about Kuma. He labeled Kuma as The Evil Tyrant who burned villages and forcibly took over the kingdom. He also prepared a warship fleet to attack Kuma and seize control of the kingdom.

Traveling to Find a Cure

If Kuma continued as the Sorbet King, he could endanger Bonney and her people. That's why Kuma asked Bulldog to take over the kingdom and protect Bonney since the church was no longer safe.

King Becori returned with a fleet of warships from the navy. However, Kuma managed to sink all those warships. After that, Kuma set sail to search for a cure for Bonney's illness. Since then, Kuma was considered a pirate and became a wanted man.

Kuma traveled to various places looking for clues about the Sapphire Scales disease. The areas Kuma visited would later become where he sent the Straw Hat crew during the Sabaody Archipelago war.

Where Chopper Sent
Where Chopper Sent
Where Franky Sent
Where Franky Sent
Where Nami Sent
Where Nami Sent
Where Usopp Sent
Where Usopp Sent

Despite his efforts around the world, Kuma still hadn't found a cure for Bonney's illness. When he was almost giving up, he met Dragon, who advised him to meet a genius scientist named Dr. Vegapunk.

Meeting with Vegapunk

Kuma Meet Vegapunk
Kuma Meet Vegapunk

Despite Vegapunk working for the World Government, there was an accident in his laboratory, forcing him to relocate. This moment could be utilized to meet him. Dragon also informed that Ivankov and Inazuma were captured by the Marines and imprisoned in Impel Down.

The laboratory accident was likely caused by Caesar Clown, who was working with Vegapunk at Punk Hazard. They were researching Gigantification to turn ordinary humans into giants. However, Caesar caused trouble by activating a bomb that resulted in the death of all living beings around him.

Finally, Kuma succeeded in bringing Bonney to meet Dr. Vegapunk at Egghead. Vegapunk said he could cure Sapphire Scales in a way never before seen in the medical world by performing a cell transplant from Kuma.

Cloning Soldiers

After examining Kuma, Vegapunk discovered that Kuma belonged to the Buccaneer tribe. Vegapunk wanted to use Kuma as a model for his cloning soldiers. If Kuma donated his blood and gave Vegapunk permission to clone him as a warrior, Vegapunk would provide free treatment for Bonney.

Of course, Kuma couldn't refuse this offer to save Bonney. Vegapunk aimed to create strong warrior units capable of deflecting bullets and shooting lasers, envisioning them as future heroes who could defeat pirates and protect the weak.

These cloned warriors were named Pacifista, meaning peacekeepers. Unfortunately, this conversation was overheard by Jay Garcia Saturn through a Den Den Mushi. The cloning soldiers initially made to maintain peace were to be turned into killing machines.

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