One Piece Chapter 1100 Review: Kuma and the World Government

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Handoyo Saputra | December 03, 2023

Kuma and Saturn

Chapter 1100 of One Piece titled "Thank You, Bonney" has been released. This chapter revolves around an agreement made between Kuma and the World Government, leading to his loss of consciousness.

The World Government learns that Vegapunk will assist Kuma in curing Bonney's illness. In return, Kuma must become a model for a cloning project. Unfortunately, Saint Saturn sends Kizaru to prevent this from happening.

While the World Government aims to create cloned warriors, using Kuma as a model would tarnish the Marines' reputation. This is because Kuma is a pirate with a bounty of 296,000,000 berries.

3 Conditions to Heal Bonney

The World Government sets three conditions for Kuma to agree to this agreement. Firstly, Kuma must become a Shichibukai subordinate to the World Government. At that time, there was a vacant Shichibukai position due to Ace's actions.

The second condition is that Kuma must undergo an operation to transform his body into a cyborg. The World Government aims to create a human weapon feared by pirates. Strengthening Kuma's body also poses a new threat if he ever turns against the World Government, especially considering Kuma's past involvement with the Revolutionary Army.

The third condition is Kuma's willingness to forfeit his freedom and consciousness as a human. This is akin to killing and turning him into a complete robot, a proposition opposed by Vegapunk, who refuses to take a life.

Kuma's Fate
Kuma's Fate

However, Kuma agrees to all these conditions. He desires Bonney's recovery from her illness and wishes for her to survive beyond 10 years. If Bonney can be cured, Kuma gladly accepts his fate.

This explains why Bonney holds such a grudge against Saint Saturn, believing that Saturn killed her father. Vegapunk requires 1.5 years to heal Bonney and 2 years to modify Kuma's body.

No Meeting After Bonney's Recovery

To ensure Kuma remains obedient to the World Government after Bonney's recovery, Bonney will be held hostage until the process of erasing Kuma's consciousness is complete. Kuma is not allowed to meet Bonney after her recovery to prevent their escape.

If there's any indication of Kuma breaking the agreement, Saturn will make Bonney a lifelong slave. Kuma agrees to this on the condition that they keep all of this hidden from Bonney. Additionally, Kuma requests that Bonney not be detained in government facilities but in the Sorbet Kingdom church where she was raised.

During the first 6 months of treatment, Kuma and Bonney spend time together on Egghead Island. Meanwhile, Vegapunk starts working on his cloning project. Vegapunk hopes that if there were five of him, he wouldn't need to eat or use the restroom and could focus solely on work.

Kuma's Pirate Jolly Roger

Kuma, Bonney, Sentomaru, Vegapunk, and Kizaru spend a lot of time together. They feast on pizza and dance together. During their stay on Egghead, Bonney draws a picture of her father. This drawing eventually becomes Kuma's pirate jolly roger.

Kuma's Jolly Roger
Kuma's Jolly Roger

After 6 months, Kuma escorts Bonney back to the Sorbet Kingdom. Bonney will be monitored by Cipher Pol 8 agents disguised as nurses until Kuma's modification process is complete. Moreover, anyone wishing to visit Bonney must carry identification cards.

Finally bidding farewell, Kuma leaves Bonney. He will become a Shichibukai and work under the World Government. The news of Kuma becoming a new Shichibukai has spread and caused a stir in the world.

This information has reached Doflamingo, Crocodile, Mihawk, Ace, Whitebeard, Boa Hancock, and Gecko Moria. However, the Revolutionary Army still doesn't believe that Kuma has become a Shichibukai. All of this occurred because Dragon suggested that Kuma meet Vegapunk.

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