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Handoyo Saputra | December 09, 2023

One Piece chapter 1101 Bonney

One Piece Chapter 1101, titled "Dear Bonney," has been released. This chapter delves into Kuma's remaining life, spent regularly sending letters to Bonney before his consciousness was erased. Unfortunately, these letters never reached Bonney.

The story begins three years ago in Goa Kingdom in East Blue, where Luffy resides. Kuma observes Luffy training in the forest. When Kuma is at Dragon's ship, Kuma notices Dragon's familiarity with the island.

When Kuma inquires about the young boy in the forest, Dragon responds, stating that a child is their parent's weakness. This reveals Dragon's care for Luffy, intentionally distancing himself from his son to keep him safe from the World Government's pursuit.

Dragon and Kuma

Dragon had previously saved Luffy in Loguetown when he was battling Smoker and facing execution by Buggy. Kuma realizes Dragon also has a child, similar to himself. This explains why Kuma protected Luffy in Sabaody and Thriller Bark.

The Unsent Letters

Continuing his duties as a Warlord for the World Government, Kuma writes letters to Bonney regularly. However, these letters never reach her as Alpha, an agent of Cipher Pol 8, intercepts and destroys them. Alpha's task is to monitor Bonney to ensure Kuma complies with the World Government.

Bonney see Kuma's memory
Bonney see Kuma's memory

Though Bonney couldn't read Kuma's letters at the time, she now knows her father wrote to her up to 10 times a month. This realization comes after Bonney sees Kuma's memories when she enters a special room within Egghead.

To be safe, grandma Conney advises Bonney to keep her powers secret from Alpha. Meanwhile, Kuma returns to Egghead to continue his operations and encounters Stussy, the first successful clone created by Vegapunk.

Vegapunk explains what will happen when Kuma loses his sense of self. Alongside losing his memories, Kuma will also lose empathy and humanity. Learning this, Kuma persists in writing letters to Bonney, wanting his child to feel a lifetime of love before he loses himself entirely.

Bonney's Recovery

Bonney is 9 years old now, eagerly awaits the promised letters from her father. All the stones on her face have vanished, indicating her complete recovery. However, when Bonney attempts to leave, Alpha prohibits her until she turns 10.

One day, Conney and the villagers discover that Alpha is a government agent. Suspicions arise as Alpha continues to confine Bonney despite her recovery and the absence of letters from Kuma.

Finally, they devise a plan for Bonney to escape and meet Kuma. Bonney disguises herself as Conney using her devil fruit power to leave the church. Unaware of Bonney's abilities, Alpha falls for the ruse.

The Toshi Toshi no Mi Power

For the first time in a long while, Bonney walks under the sunlight. At the port, Gyogo and friends await Bonney's arrival, ready to set sail. Meanwhile, Alpha realizes Bonney's absence and goes in search of her.

When Alpha discovers Bonney's whereabouts and moves to capture her, Bonney reveals her power, Distorted Future. She can transform her body into a giant form akin to Nika. This raises questions about Bonney's devil fruit abilities.

The Toshi Toshi no Mi power not only manipulates the user's age and those around them but also manipulates the user's future. This is evident from Bonney's ability to mimic Conney and the rubber body of Nika.

Bonney using Nika's power
Bonney using Nika's power

Reading One Piece 1101

Official translations of One Piece Chapter 1101 will be available on Sunday, December 10, 2023, on the MangaPlus website. Fans can read the last three chapters for free and legally.

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