One Piece Chapter 1103 Review: Kuma Arrives at Egghead

In this chapter, Kuma finally arrives at Egghead and meets his child

Handoyo Saputra | December 30, 2023

Kuma save Bonney

The One Piece Chapter 1103 titled "I'm so Sorry, Daddy…" has finally been released. This chapter narrates the battle between Bonney and Saturn. In this chapter, Kuma finally arrives at Egghead and meets his child.

Bonney and Vegapunk
Bonney and Vegapunk

After Bonney discovers the truth about her father, she no longer holds a grudge against Dr. Vegapunk. Bonney also learns that Luffy is the child of her father's close friend. Her animosity is redirected towards the true villain, Saint Jay Garcia Saturn.

Returning to the present, Saturn affirms that Kuma is indeed deceased. Vegapunk and the Straw Hat crew remain immobilized due to Saturn's power. Meanwhile, Luffy lies weakened, needing food to restore his strength.

Strangely, there's suddenly an abundance of food near Luffy. The origin of this food remains unknown; perhaps Atlas has a device capable of instant food creation, although Atlas shouldn't be able to move at this time.

Kizaru Helping Luffy?

Luffy get food
Luffy get food

The character capable of swift movement unaffected by Saturn's powers is Kizaru. With the Pika Pika no Mi powers, Kizaru should be able to retrieve food and place it near Luffy.

Kizaru might aim to save his old friends, Vegapunk and Sentomaru. However, as an Admiral, he cannot refuse Saturn's orders to eliminate Vegapunk. Hence, his only option might be to trust Luffy to save his friends.

If indeed Kizaru assists Luffy, it's a rare occurrence where an Admiral collaborates with a Yonko to achieve a shared goal. Perhaps, in the future, we might witness a battle between Luffy and Saturn.

Toshi Toshi no Mi Weakness

Distorted Future Nika
Distorted Future Nika

On the other hand, while captured by Saturn, Bonney uses the Distorted Future technique to mimic Nika, surprising Saturn by mentioning Nika's name. Unfortunately, Saturn easily counters this technique. Bonney is unable to manipulate Saturn's age using her ability.

Surprisingly, it's revealed that Saturn granted Bonney the powers of the Toshi Toshi no Mi. He conducted an experiment to extract a Devil Fruit and administered it to Bonney as a baby. The experiment succeeded, rendering the original Devil Fruit useless as its powers transferred to the child.

Saturn is well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the Toshi Toshi no Mi. This fruit can alter its user's condition in the future, but its effectiveness diminishes as the user's future becomes clearer. Saturn exploits Bonney's doubts about Nika's existence to weaken her powers.

Furthermore, Bonney remains unaware of the connection between Nika and Gear 5 Luffy. Saturn is also responsible for the Sapphire Scale disease afflicting Bonney and Ginny, a side effect of his experimental drugs, which he uses to control Kuma.

Kuma's Arrival at Egghead

Kuma vs Saturn
Kuma vs Saturn

Meanwhile, Kuma has landed at Egghead and heads toward his child. The Authority Chip used to command the Pacifista cannot control Kuma. The Marines attempt to stop Kuma by shooting at him, but Kuma defeats them.

Bonney, feeling desperate, believes it might be her time to die. She apologizes to her father for squandering the life given by Kuma. Just before Saturn can kill Bonney, Kuma arrives to rescue her. Kuma withstands Saturn's attack and prepares to strike back.

Kuma, who theoretically shouldn't have had any freedom or ability to act on his own will, managed to reach Egghead to save his child and confront Saturn. This demonstrates that the emotions of living beings cannot be completely altered, as per Lilith's explanation when first encountering the Straw Hat crew.


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