One Piece Chapter 1104 Review: A Punch Full of Feelings

This chapter depicts Kuma's retaliation against Saturn with a powerful punch to the face

Handoyo Saputra | January 21, 2024

Kuma VS Saturn

Chapter 1104 of the One Piece manga, titled "Thank You, Daddy," has been released. This chapter depicts Kuma's retaliation against Saturn with a powerful punch to the face. Despite being a cyborg, Kuma finally reunites with Bonney.

Saint Saturn is surprised to see Kuma coming to Egghead and fighting against him. Several days after the Revolutionary Army took Kuma to their headquarters, Saturn activates a self-destruct mechanism implanted in Kuma's body.

However, it seems that the self-destruct mechanism doesn't work as intended. Instead, Kuma stands against Saturn, landing a blow coated with Busoshoku Haki on Saturn's face, sending him flying into several buildings.

Similar to Luffy Attacking Celestial Dragons

Kuma Punch Saturn
Kuma Punch Saturn

This is a rare occurrence where a slave attacks a Gorosei. A similar incident occurred when Luffy attacked Celestial Dragons on Sabaody Island. At that time, it was the first time a pirate dared to attack a Celestial Dragon. However, Kuma's action is even bolder as he has attacked a world ruler.

The reason Kuma can still fight against Saturn is, of course, thanks to Vegapunk's intervention. Vegapunk couldn't bring himself to implant a self-destruct mechanism in Kuma's body, so he installed a program to disable Kuma's movements.

When the mechanism is activated, Kuma should be unable to do anything, including receiving commands. However, strangely, Kuma can still move and save his daughter. The Buccaneers tribe is known for their special characteristics and strong bodies.

Thank You, Daddy

Thank you dad
Thank you Dad

Bonney returns to her original age and expresses gratitude to her father. She has read all the letters written by Kuma through Kuma's memories in Vegapunk's laboratory. Regardless of people calling Kuma a tyrant, for Bonney, Kuma is the best and coolest person in the world.

Saturn rises from the rubble. He lost his right arm due to Kuma's attack, but the arm regrows. Saturn attacks Kuma with one of his sharp legs, but it seems Kuma's body can no longer move to dodge the attack. Luckily, Sanji comes to save Kuma.

Additionally, Franky helps Kuma by unleashing a Radical Beam towards Saturn, successfully hitting him. The Straw Hat crew was saved by Kuma on Sabaody, and he also guarded the Thousand Sunny ship for 2 years during the time skip.

Buster Call Protocol

Buster Call on Egghead
Buster Call on Egghead

Kizaru, who has recovered, joins the fight alongside Saturn. Kizaru suggests ending the battle quickly because there are already too many involved actors: a traitor who learns taboo world secrets, a survivor of a supposedly extinct lineage, and a pirate awakening the power of ancient gods.

Egghead Island is considered a threat to the entire world, so it needs to be destroyed with a Buster Call. All warships on standby will aim their shots at Egghead until it's destroyed. The tragic events of Ohara seem poised to repeat.

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Official translation of One Piece Chapter 1104 is available on Sunday, January 21, 2024, on the MangaPlus website. Fans can read the last 3 chapters for free and legally. Read the latest One Piece manga here.

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