One Piece Chapter 1105 Review: Who Attacked the Marines?

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Handoyo Saputra | January 26, 2024

One Piece 1105

The latest One Piece chapter 1105, titled "The Height of Folly" has been released. This chapter tells the moments leading up to the Buster Call execution. All marines must quickly evacuate from Egghead Island. Only Saint Saturn, Kizaru, and the Pacifista remain on Egghead.

Vegapunk pleads with Kizaru to stop the Buster Call because all the research of brilliant scientists is on Egghead Island. Destroying Egghead would set our technology back hundreds of years. Not only Egghead, but Saturn also orders the destruction of all ships leaving the island.

He doesn't want information about the Void Century to be known by everyone. Although the scientists don't actually have information about the Void Century, Vegapunk's study of the taboo subject forces Saturn to send warships to kill these innocent scientists.

Straw Hat Crew's Situation

Straw Hat Crew's Situation
Straw Hat Crew's Situation

On the other side, Nami provides information on the crew's current situation. Zoro is still battling Lucci, Jinbe went to find Zoro to prevent him from getting lost, Brook went to help Lilith move Thousand Sunny, and Chopper is taking care of Robin, who is resting.

Lilith is tasked with preparing the Vegaforce 01 robot and moving Thousand Sunny out of Egghead. However, because Vegaforce 01 was destroyed by Kizaru, Brook uses his power to freeze clouds so Thousand Sunny can slide on ice, but he hasn't thought of a way to stop it.

Buster Call

Buster Call
Buster Call Begin

Meanwhile, Pacifista and warships begin bombarding Egghead with shots. Atlas, Franky, Bonney, and Kuma go to Labo-stratum using hypercapsules, but Kizaru destroys the hypercapsule track, making them fall from a height.

As they fall from the hypercapsule track, Saturn orders the Pacifista to shoot lasers at them. It's ironic; Kuma sacrifices himself to save Bonney from a deadly disease, and now, Bonney will be killed by a clone of her own father.

What Vegapunk feared has truly happened. When he hears the news that Bonney has become a pirate, he already envisioned the worst-case scenario that one day the marines would order Pacifista to kill her.

Someone Headed to Egghead

Whos is he?
Whos is he?

Meanwhile, marines report that a ship is heading towards Egghead, and they failed to stop it. The marine ship appears to be destroyed and on fire; whose doing is this?

There are several possibilities, from the Revolutionary Army wanting to save Kuma, Blackbeard pirates wanting to seize something from Egghead, or the Straw Hat Grand Fleet wanting to save Luffy. Let's see the continuation of the story next week.

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