One Piece Chapter 1107 Review: The Arrival of Blackbeard Pirate

This chapter tells the story of the giant pirate who has entered Egghead and the arrival of the Blackbeard pirate members to Egghead

Handoyo Saputra | February 20, 2024

Catarina Devon and Van Augur

The One Piece comic chapter 1107 titled "I've Been Looking for You" has been released. This chapter tells the story of the giant pirate who has entered Egghead and the arrival of the Blackbeard pirate members to Egghead.

The legendary Giant Warrior pirate group, who has long been unheard of, suddenly appears on the future island to pick up Mugiwara. This pirate crew is led by Brogy the red demon and Dorry the blue demon.

They scatter to destroy all navy ships around the island. Usop looks happy to see his master coming to rescue his crew. The Mugiwara pirate group once met Dorry and Brogy on Little Garden after leaving Alabasta.

Giant Pirate
Giant Warior Pirate

It is not surprising that the navy operation in Egghead becomes big news because it deploys many troops and involves the world government. This prompts the giants who have become allies of Mugiwara to come to his aid.

Zoro VS Rob Lucci Battle

Zoro VS Rob Lucci
Zoro VS Rob Lucci

On the other hand, Zoro is still fighting against Rob Lucci who is using awakening mode. Lucci says that Zoro is a burden to the crew because his friends have to wait for Zoro to leave Egghead.

The Pacifistas currently on Bonney's side continue to destroy ships. They have already destroyed about 30 navy ships. Vice Admiral Red King is tasked with fighting and destroying these Pacifistas.

Dawn Gatling

Dawn Gatling
Dawn Gatling

Bonney finally realizes that Nika, whom she has been looking for, is Luffy. Even Luffy himself doesn't know about Nika. Bonney wants to mimic Luffy's rubber punches, but it is thwarted by Saturn. This time, it's Luffy's turn to launch an attack on Saturn.

Luffy unleashes an attack called Dawn Gatling. The attack successfully throws Saturn and makes him crash into a large building. With this attack, it means Saturn has received powerful punches from both Kuma and Luffy twice.

Vegapunk, who is already injured, cannot move to save himself. At that moment, Kizaru tries to shoot him with a laser attack. Fortunately, Sanji manages to deflect the laser attack with his kick.

Sanji Kick Laser Beam
Sanji Kick Laser Beam

Perhaps it's thanks to the shoes he's wearing, or maybe Sanji has undergone genetic changes like his other siblings in Germa 66, making him immune to laser attacks.

The Arrival of Catarina Devon and Van Augur

The Blackbeard pirates, who were previously seen around Egghead island, finally arrive. Catarina Devon, the owner of the Mythical Zoan type nine-tailed fox power, and Van Augur, the owner of teleportation power, come to meet Saturn.

Catarina Devon's mission is to touch Saturn. It should be noted that with Catarina Devon's Mythological Zoan power, she can transform into the form of anyone she has touched. This means that Devon can now transform into one of the Gorosei or world government members.

Can Devon give orders to the Seraphim and Pacifista when he transforms into Saturn? Saturn said that Teach or better known as Blackbeard had a special bloodline. Could Blackbeard be the son of Rock D. Xebec who was the captain of the Rock pirates?

Saturn also asks what the Blackbeard pirates are really after. Van Augur casually answers that they are after the world. Hearing this answer, Saturn immediately attacks him. However, with Van Augur's teleportation power, they can easily evade Saturn's attack.

	Catarina Devon and Van Augur
Catarina Devon and Van Augur

As they are about to leave Egghead, Catarina Devon and Van Augur meet Caribou. Caribou asks to be introduced to Blackbeard. It seems that Caribou has long admired Blackbeard and wants to become his subordinate. Similar to Bartolomew who admires Luffy.

Caribou knows information about Shirahoshi which is ancient weapon Poseidon. If Caribou tells Blackbeard about this, then Shirahoshi will be in danger because she will become Blackbeard's next target. Caribou also knows that the ancient weapon Pluton is in Wano. This information might make Blackbeard come to Wano to collect it.

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The official translation of One Piece Chapter 1107 was released on Sunday, February 18, 2024, on the MangaPlus website. Fans can read the last 3 chapters for free and legally. Link to read the latest One Piece comic.

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