One Piece Chapter 1108 Review: Announcement to the World

This chapter tells the story of the battle that takes place on Egghead Island and the mysterious announcement from Vegapunk to the entire world

Handoyo Saputra | February 24, 2024

One Piece 1108 Cover

Chapter 1108 of the One Piece comic, titled Attention, World!, has been released. This chapter tells the story of the battle that takes place on Egghead Island and the mysterious announcement from Vegapunk to the entire world.

The chapter begins with a debate between Caribou and the pirate Blackbeard's crew member, Van Augur. Seeing Caribou approaching him, Van Augur assumes a defensive stance and prepares to shoot Caribou. However, Caribou tries to convince him that he has very important information to deliver to Teach.

This information is, of course, about the ancient weapons Poseidon and Pluton hidden on the Fish-Man Island and in the Wano Country. Only the Straw Hat crew and Caribou know this information. If this information leaks to Blackbeard's pirates, they will surely move to seize these ancient weapons.

Caribou knows about Poseidon and Pluton
Caribou knows about Poseidon and Pluton

Pacifista VS Marines

On the other hand, the Marines who were about to destroy Egghead with a Buster Call are forced to retreat because they are attacked by Pacifistas. This type of Pacifista is stronger than the ones encountered by the Straw Hat crew two years ago on Sabaody Island. These Pacifistas can also deploy a bubble shield to deflect enemy attacks.

Pacifistas are actually weapons owned by the Navy, so destroying them means destroying their own assets. To avoid this, the vice admirals decide to target Bonney, who currently holds the highest authority in commanding the Pacifistas.

When Vice Admiral Tosa is about to attack Bonney, a pirate giant warrior comes to her rescue. These giants do not recognize Franky even though they have seen the Straw Hat crew on wanted posters. This is because in the new wanted posters, Franky is depicted in the form of Thousand Sunny.

Franky Wanted Poster
Franky Wanted Poster

These giants also know the name Vegapunk from an archaeologist. Bonney, Franky, Atlas, and Kuma are taken aboard the ship for safekeeping, while Brogy and Dorry head to where Luffy and Sanji are fighting Saturn and Kizaru.

Luffy VS Saturn and Kizaru

Vegapunk is still unable to move due to his severe injuries. He actually hoped to keep Bonney's ability to command the Pacifistas a secret because it would make her a target of the World Government. Vegapunk also asks the Straw Hats to protect Bonney. Could Bonney possibly join as the 10th crew member?

Saturn attempts to attack again, this time with his body coated in poison that can melt anything he touches. His gaze also appears strange and intimidating. Sanji carries Vegapunk away from the scene, but Kizaru attacks him and manages to shoot Vegapunk's stomach with a laser attack.

Luffy orders Sanji to take Vegapunk away immediately. Kizaru tries to pursue them, but Luffy manages to stop Kizaru and Saturn by transforming into a giant. Vegapunk, who has been severely injured by Saturn and Kizaru's attacks, seems beyond saving.

Luffy VS Saturn and Kizaru
Luffy VS Saturn and Kizaru

Announcement to the World

Vegapunk has 6 satellites or clones that share memories through Punk Records. Although his main body dies, his knowledge will not be lost because there are still satellites with intelligence equal to his.

As he approaches death, Vegapunk smiles. Shortly after that, there is a sudden announcement from Vegapunk to the entire world. It seems he has made a video recording to be broadcast to the public. This video will automatically be broadcast when Vegapunk's heart stops beating, as seen from the heart rate monitor changing to a flat line.

In Chapter 1064, one of Vegapunk's satellites, Shaka, once contacted Monkey D. Dragon. He said that his death would soon come, so it is not impossible for Vegapunk to prepare this video recording in case something bad happens to him.

Vegapunk Announcement
Vegapunk's Announcement

In the video, Vegapunk wants to explain the truth about the world. What truth does he actually intend to reveal? Is it about the Void Century that has been kept secret by the World Government? Let's wait for the continuation next week.

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The official translation of One Piece Chapter 1108 will be released on Sunday, February 25, 2024, on the MangaPlus website. Fans can read the last 3 chapters for free and legally. Read the Latest One Piece Comic link.

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