One Piece Chapter 1109 Review: The Arrival of Gorosei

This chapter depicts the battle between Luffy and Saturn, as well as Kizaru

Handoyo Saputra | March 02, 2024

Gorosei Summoning
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Chapter 1109 of the One Piece manga titled "Termination" has been released. This chapter depicts the battle between Luffy and Saturn, as well as Kizaru. In this chapter, Vegapunk gives the public 10 minutes to prepare Den Den Mushi visuals to view the announcement he is about to make.

Vegapunk's broadcast message begins spreading worldwide. In the video message, Vegapunk (Stella) is seen debating with Shaka. Shaka is concerned that the public may not be ready to receive the information. This message can also be sabotaged by others.

To address this, Shaka suggests hacking the Marine's transponder snail. This would allow Vegapunk to broadcast the message worldwide with a strong signal that is not easily shut down.

10 Minutes Before the Announcement

To view Vegapunk's video message, a visual transponder snail is required. Vegapunk gives the public 10 minutes to prepare. This broadcast message also reaches Mary Geoise, where the other Gorosei are located. It seems these Gorosei can communicate telepathically.

Gorosei can do telepathy
Gorosei can do telepathy

Saturn explains that Kizaru has killed Vegapunk. This means the broadcast message is a pre-recorded tape that will be disseminated when Vegapunk's main body dies. According to Saint Ju Peter, the only place capable of broadcasting this message is Labo-Stratum in Egghead. However, that place is protected by a barrier.

Vegapunk is known as the world's most brilliant scientist and is admired by everyone. If Vegapunk wants to convey something to everyone, it's a big deal. People all over the world start preparing visual transponder snails.

This is the first time Vegapunk has appeared before the public. People speculate that this is an announcement about his new invention. Some of Vegapunk's known inventions include ships coated with sea stone, Pacifista, Seraphim, Punk Records, and artificial Devil Fruit.

Luffy's Battle Against Saturn & Kizaru

Booming Dawn Cymbal
Booming Dawn Cymbal

Luffy realizes that his punches are ineffective, so he uses another attack, Booming Dawn Cymbal. Luffy claps Kizaru and Saturn with his giant hands until they're flat, then throws them far away.

Kizaru flies until he crashes into a warship, while Saturn can still spin back and use that momentum to attack Luffy. After landing, Kizaru is seen closing his eyes as if mourning Vegapunk's death.

The Gorosei at Mary Geoise warn Saturn that they are running out of time. The World Government does not want to let Vegapunk speak freely to the public. Therefore, Saturn will summon other Gorosei to Egghead using a magic circle.

The summoning of the Gorosei causes a large black lightning bolt, similar to when Saturn arrived at Egghead. From the silhouette of this black lightning, it seems that other Gorosei are also coming in their monster forms. Why would Gorosei have to intervene to stop Vegapunk?

Gorosei Summoning
Gorosei Summoning

Could it be that Gorosei are afraid that Vegapunk will reveal the secrets of the Void Century that they have hidden? If the public learns the origins of the World Government and the truth about the world, it's likely that they will no longer trust the Government or the Marines. Can Luffy face off against 5 Gorosei at once? Let's wait for the continuation in 2 weeks.

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