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Go Battle League Season 16 not only introduces new moves but also tweaks existing ones

Handoyo Saputra | September 05, 2023

GO Battle League Pokemon GO

The Go Battle League Season 16 has ushered in significant changes to the movesets of Pokemon, bringing with it a mix of buffs, nerfs, and the introduction of three new charge moves that are poised to reshape the PvP meta in Pokemon GO.

In this article, we will delve into these moveset alterations and their implications on the ever-evolving Pokemon GO meta.

New Charge Moves

Trailblaze: One of the exciting additions to Go Battle League Season 16 is the Trailblaze charge move. This move falls under the Grass-type category and boasts a formidable base power of 65.

What makes Trailblaze truly remarkable is its ability to raise the Attack stat by one level, a guaranteed power-up. To unleash Trailblaze, you'll need to accumulate 50 units of energy, similar to the well-known Flame Charge move, albeit with a unique grassy twist.

Scorching Sands: Scorching Sands, another new charge move introduced in Season 16, belongs to the Ground-type family. With a base power of 80, it packs a punch and comes with a 30% chance of lowering the opponent's Attack stat by one level.

To use Scorching Sands effectively, you'll need to gather 50 energy, resembling the mechanics of the Scald move but with a seismic twist.

Triple Axel: The final addition to the Season 16 lineup is the Triple Axel charge move, falling within the Ice-type spectrum. Boasting a base power of 60, Triple Axel also guarantees a one-level boost to the Attack stat.

What sets it apart from the likes of Icy Wind is its unique feature of not reducing the opponent's Attack; instead, it elevates the user's Attack. To unleash Triple Axel, you'll need to accumulate 45 energy units.

Buffs and Nerfs

The Go Battle League Season 16 not only introduces new moves but also tweaks existing ones. Let's take a closer look at the notable buffs and nerfs:

SparkTrainer Battles: 4 power → 6 power
Energy generation decreased
AstonishTrainer Battles: Energy generation increased
PsychicTrainer Battles: 90 power → 85 power
X-ScissorTrainer Battles: 45 power → 65 power
Energy cost increased
Aerial AceTrainer Battles: Energy cost decreased
Sky AttackTrainer Battles: Energy cost increased
DigTrainer Battles: 100 power → 80 power
Energy cost decreased
EarthquakeTrainer Battles: 120 power → 110 power
PoltergeistTrainer Battles: 140 power → 150 power
BoomburstTrainer Battles: Energy cost decreased

In conclusion, Go Battle League Season 16 has brought about significant changes to the Pokemon GO meta by introducing new charge moves and adjusting the power of existing ones.

Trainers will need to adapt their strategies to leverage these alterations effectively and remain competitive in the ever-evolving world of Pokemon battles. Stay tuned for more updates as the meta continues to shift and evolve.

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