Pokemon GO Introduces Pokestop Showcase Feature

Prepare your best Pokemon, participate in the PokeStop Showcase, and win exciting prizes

Handoyo Saputra | October 09, 2023

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In celebration of Pokémon GO's 7th anniversary, Niantic is introducing a new feature called the PokeStop Showcase ! In this competition, trainers can place their favorite Pokémon into a Showcase at specific PokeStops and compete against other trainers. Only selected Pokémon are eligible to participate in the Showcase.

The first PokeStop Showcase will take place during the 7th-anniversary celebration of Pokémon GO. In this Showcase, trainers can place Squirtle in the Showcase at a designated PokeStop to see who has the largest-sized Pokémon!

A special icon will appear above the PokeStop to indicate where the PokeStop Showcase is available. It's important to note that the PokeStop Showcase will only be available for a limited time.

Pokestop Showcase Icon
Pokestop Showcase Icon

After the Showcase period concludes, all trainers will receive rewards based on their Pokémon's ranking. Trainers who achieve the top rank will receive a medal and premium rewards.

PokeStops hosting the Showcase will have a special icon above them. Before placing a Pokémon, the Showcase icon above the PokeStop will be green. Trainers must approach the PokeStop and select "Showcase" to put their Pokémon in. After the Pokémon is placed in the Showcase, the icon above the PokeStop will turn purple.

The PokeStop Showcase will remain at the same PokeStop throughout the season. So be sure to visit it regularly so you don't miss the opportunity to participate in the Showcase!

Pokestop Showcase
Pokestop Showcase Squirtle
Pokestop Showcase Size
Pokestop Showcase Size

Interestingly, placing Pokémon in the Showcase will not lock them at the PokeStop. Trainers can still perform various actions such as trading, transferring, changing forms, or even evolving their Pokémon after they have been placed in the Showcase.

To check your Pokémon's ranking in the Showcase, trainers can do so through the Ranking Board section on the PokeStop Showcase page. So, don't forget to keep an eye on your ranking and strive for a higher position!

After the Showcase concludes, participating trainers will receive various exciting rewards. These rewards will be given based on each trainer's Pokémon ranking. The higher the Pokémon's ranking, the greater the rewards that can be obtained.

So, don't forget to claim your rewards through the Today View or directly from the PokeStop hosting the Showcase. Follow the instructions, and don't miss the chance to earn rewards like stardust, XP, lure module, super incubator, pokeball, incense, lucky egg, and more.

The PokeStop Showcase brings fun and new opportunities for Pokémon GO trainers to showcase their best Pokémon and compete with other trainers. Prepare your best Pokémon, participate in the PokeStop Showcase, and win exciting prizes.

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