SEIKO Collaborates with Frieren to Introduce Limited Edition Watches

These watches will be available starting March 31, 2024, priced at ¥58,000 or approximately $408 USD

Handoyo Saputra | December 17, 2023

Seiko x Frieren

SEIKO, the watch company, teamed up with Frieren: Beyond Journey's End to create a limited edition watch series. Frieren: Beyond Journey's End is an anime series that aired in the fall of 2023, gaining popularity due to its captivating storyline.

The watch comes in a special box shaped like a grimoire, in line with Frieren's hobby for collecting weird magic. Made of stainless steel, the watch has a purple case reminiscent of the night sky with a meteor shower vibe.

It depicts Frieren's final journey with the party of heroes to witness a meteor shower when Himmel was still alive. The back of the watch features an image of Frieren and a serial number. Only 2000 pieces of this watch will be produced.

The watch hands are shaped like Frieren's staff, evoking memories of her adventures with friends in the past to defeat the demon king. This Japanese-made watch is also water-resistant for everyday use.

Frieren x Seiko
Frieren x Seiko watch
Magic book grimoire
Frieren watch

The limited edition watches will be available starting March 31, 2024, priced at ¥58,000 or around $408 USD. Previously, SEIKO has collaborated with other anime series such as One Piece, Detective Conan, Chainsaw Man, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

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