Top 10 Best Selling Elex Media Comics in August 2023

These are the top 10 best-selling Elex Media comics for August 2023

Handoyo Saputra | September 26, 2023

Best Selling Comic Agustus 2023

Elex Media Komputindo, a well-known Indonesian publishing company specializing in books, comics, magazines, novels, and other print media, is no stranger to comic enthusiasts.

As a pioneer in comic publishing in Indonesia and a subsidiary of the Kompas Gramedia Group, PT Elex Media Komputindo has established itself as one of the largest publishing companies in the country.

Recently, Elex Media unveiled the top 10 best-selling comics for August 2023 through their official Twitter account. Let's dive into the list of these highly sought-after Elex Media publications for the month:

1. One Piece Volume 103

In this thrilling volume, Sanji and Zoro's duel results in a victory over the leaders of the ferocious pirate gang. Meanwhile, Luffy's intense battle against Kaido escalates. In another part of the story, Law and Kid engage in an epic showdown with Big Mom. The stakes are high, and the action is intense!

2. Spy x Family Volume 9

The saga of the Forger family's fake life continues. On a different front, Yor faces a group of assassins aboard a luxurious cruiser. Meanwhile, Loid and Anya discover that bombs have been planted throughout the ship. Will their best efforts be enough to save the vessel?

3. Blue Lock Volume 10

A rematch against three top players takes center stage. Each player brings their unique skills to the match. Meanwhile, Isagi strives to surpass the number one striker, Rin Itoshi, in his quest to reclaim Bachira. Can Isagi overcome Rin, who possesses both predictive abilities and exceptional physical prowess? And what answers lie in store for the "monster" leading Bachira?

4. Dr. Slump Volume 4

In this volume, Dr. Senbei and Sensei Midori joyfully tie the knot, with Arale joining in the celebration. Meanwhile, the extraordinary Grand Prix Penguin, boasting a total prize of 3,000 yen, is underway! Who will emerge as the victor in this obstacle-filled Grand Prix!?

5. Bungo Stray Dogs Volume 5

Kyoka Izumi embarks on her first job as a staff member of the Detective Agency alongside Atsushi Nakajima. Together, they exert all their efforts to complete their mission.

Koyo Ozaki, who was like an older sister to Kyoka during her time with the Mafia, suddenly launches an attack with the intention of reclaiming Kyoka.

Meanwhile, a confrontation between the Guild and the Mafia becomes inevitable, leading the Agency to relocate its headquarters. A massive war among the three organizations with special abilities is about to begin!

6. Komi-san Can't Communicate Volume 17

The second-year cultural festival in high school is filled with unforgettable events. Tadano, disguised as a girl, goes on a date with Katai.

On another front, the FBI, led by Isagi, confronts the CIA, led by Icho.Additionally, Komi expresses her heartfelt feelings to her dearest friend through written words, leading to a genuine and sincere bond.

7. Q.E.D. Iff Volume 12

Toma and Kana reunite with Toma's college friend, Sheena, who is a negotiator dealing with a kidnapping case involving her former lover.

Toma must now use his intellect to navigate the complex world of kidnapping business. In a separate development, the moment of a journalist's corpse regeneration is discovered in a mound of soil in the middle of a river!

Kana's friend's boyfriend is suspected of being involved, so Toma and Kana cannot stay idle. They set off to solve the case, uncovering hidden truths from both the past and the present.

8. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Volume 6 Part 2: Battle Tendency

In a challenging battle, Jojo finally defeats ACDC thanks to his cleverness. However, ACDC's tenacity enables him to seize the Red Stone of Aja! Jojo and his companions embark on a journey to Switzerland in pursuit of the stone. What awaits them there!?

9. Samurai X: Hokkaido Arc Volume 5

Kenshin and Sanosuke travel to the origin of Gato's sword. Meanwhile, Ashitaro and his friends encounter Gato and agree to wait for Kenshin at the location. However, ignoring Kenshin's advice, they cross paths with one of the Kenkaku Haiki members!

10. Shaman King Complete Edition 08

It's finally Funbari Onsen's turn, led by Yoh, to step into the arena! Their first opponents are the formidable Icemen, known for their excellent teamwork.

Ignoring the concerns of their friends, Yoh and his team enter the battle with the strengthened "Cho Senji Ryakketsu" O.S.!

These are the top 10 best-selling Elex Media comics for August 2023. It's no surprise that One Piece continues to hold the top spot. Have you had the pleasure of reading any of these best-sellers?


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