Tower of Fantasy Redeem Codes November 2023

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Handoyo Saputra | November 08, 2023

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG that invites players to embark on an adventure on the planet Aida, hundreds of years in the future. This world is characterized by a futuristic post-apocalyptic anime art style, freeform character development, and exciting battles.

Humanity left Earth and migrated to Aida due to dwindling resources and energy. They discovered the mysterious energy "Omnium" within the comet Mara and built the Omnium Tower, which resulted in a catastrophic event in their new world.

In Tower of Fantasy, players will explore a vast world filled with beautiful landscapes and stunning futuristic structures. Various unique gadgets like jetpacks, water skateboards, motorcycles, and rocket launchers can assist players in their adventures.

Players will encounter unique characters with different playstyles and weapons, along with intriguing backstories. Additionally, players have the freedom to customize the appearance of their characters as they see fit.

The game also offers a friendly gacha system, allowing players to obtain unique characters, weapons, and items. The "pity" system rewards players who haven't received an SSR character after a certain number of gacha pulls.

Hotta Studio, the developer of this game, also provides free gifts to players through redeem codes that can be exchanged within the game. Follow these steps to redeem your rewards.

How to Redeem Your Tower of Fantasy Codes

Tower of fantasy exchange code
  • Tap the gift box icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the Rewards tab.
  • Scroll down to find the Exchange tab.
  • Enter your redeem code and press Confirm.
  • Claim your rewards from the in-game mailbox.

Tower of Fantasy Redeemable Codes for November 2023


Please note that redeem codes are typically temporary and limited. If you cannot redeem a shared code, it may have expired or been claimed by many other players.

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